The base chassis is an OEM Mustang Unibody that has been Seam Welded and Weight Reduced.  The addition of an FiA certified roll cage rounds out the base chassis platform.

Dynamic Suspension DSSV 2-way adjustable Race Coilover Dampers control the body motions for extreme grip. Ultra-slick Camber plates allow ease of adjustment of the front alignment.  Front tension rod bushings are replaced with custom-made pieces.  The rear suspension includes billet machined lower control arms and custom-built toe links.  Upper control arms are modified for added camber adjustment.  Rear subframe bushing are also replaced with billet aluminum parts to eliminate any compliance between the body and subframe.

The Steering is is managed by a custom-tuned Race EPAS rack that communicates back to the driver through a Ford Performance M-3600-RA steering wheel.

The chassis also includes a FIA compliant fire suppression system.